Mosaic Co-Founder Mixhi Marquis (any pronouns) spent the first 15 years of their career  in the motorsports and automotive industry before pivoting to focus on re-prioritizing their life and turning the journey inward. The many roles they held during that time include race car driver, mechanic, engineer, continuous improvement trainer/facilitator and culture change advocate. As a co-founder of the employee resource group for LGBTQ+ folx at Chrysler Corporation and a creator of, as well as program director for, the Lyn St. James Driver Development Program, Mixhi has a depth of experience in training, advocacy and building structures that work to empower people to live the dream that is uniquely theirs to live.

As the drive to experience their own authenticity grew, they left the corporate scene in 2004 and immersed themself in studying traditional healing modalities including Reiki and other energy modalities as well as journeying extensively with Toltec wisdomkeepers. Through this work, Mixhi began to discover themself and their expression, which continues to emerge today. From this they created the Artistry of Presence through which they have worked with individuals as well as leading classes, workshops and journeys focused on personal and spiritual growth.

In 2014, Mixhi added bodywork to her repertoire by becoming a licensed massage therapist after graduating from the Indiana College of Sport & Medical Massage. 

In 2016 she, along with her partner Catherine Bast MD, combined their passions for LGBTQ2IA+ advocacy, wellness, and healthcare to open Mosaic Health and Healing Arts.

Mixhi enjoys playing in the garden, creative construction projects, time with four legged friends and continued adventures in motorsports!

As the Mosaic journey continues to unfold, I find myself a student of the experience. One lesson that continues to deepen for me is that acceptance and feeling safe are both essential to the process of healing. I find inspiration in sharing our experience of integrating these qualities with our practice while coaching others toward this integration.
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