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Inclusion and safety are essential for both your employees and those you are serving, whether your work setting is a non-profit organization or a for profit business. There are lots of rainbow flags being put out by very well intentioned folks. While we are grateful for the welcome, there is also an expectation of competent interaction and inclusion that involves more than simply putting a flag up. How do we integrate the simple, fundamental elements of welcome in a humanity made up of unique individuals and potential interactions that feel like complicated equations? Why can’t we just say “everyone welcome” and move on? Respectful interaction and intentional welcome are essential components of creating an inclusive environment for folx who identify as LGBTQ+.  We’re here to walk with you on your journey to creating a safe and welcoming environment!


Fundamentals of Inclusivity for LGBTQ+ Folx

In this training we share the essentials of inclusivity such as why it’s important, language and respectful interaction. We will discuss assumptions we make about others, curiosity masked as necessity, paralyzed good intentions, individual/cultural bias, fear of confrontation/judgment, and discomfort disguised as indifference.

Competency comes with intentional practice and continued learning. Our goal in this training is to give you a foundation of understanding from which you continue to build. Though the core of all trainings will be similar, we work with you to understand your goals and create a training that is applicable and relevant to your setting. 

If you are interested in exploring the Fundamentals of Inclusivity for LGBTQ2IA+ Folx training for your organization or business, please click here!