Meet Our Personnel


Wendy Davis, MA

Director of Operations

Wendy was born and raised in the Elkhart/Goshen area. She dropped out of high school at 16, passing her GED at 17; graduating two years before her class. Eventually, she decided to go to college at Southwestern Michigan College (SMC). She started as an Information Technology major, but had her third child and took some time off. When she returned to SMC a few years later, she changed her major to Nursing. Only later to find that Psychology interested her. After graduating with her Associate’s degree, she transferred to Indiana University South Bend to pursue a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

As she was taking required classes, she fell into a Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) minor, quickly learning WGS was her passion. She swapped her major and minor and graduated with a degree in WGS. Not stopping there, she applied for the Master’s of English program, also at Indiana University. A few years later she has an MA after her name and a 50 page thesis to show for all of her hard work.

Wendy had planned to work in Academia, but when she connected with Mosaic she knew she had to work there - being comfortable being herself at work, since she is in the LGBTQ community. Someday she hopes to go back to school for her Doctorate in LGBTQ studies, but until then she is glad that she works for a very unique place of business.