Mission, Organizational Values,
History & FAQs


We are Indiana’s first family medicine practice that is an openly inclusive and welcoming medical facility to people who identify as LGBTQ2IA+, extending welcome to the entire community as well.

We believe in inclusive and whole person care, and prioritize serving those with limitations to care.

We are dedicated to creating educational opportunities that bring healing and understanding to our community.

We Value:

  • Every human being as whole and valuable to humanity
  • Space that is comforting, welcoming and safe
  • Affordable healthcare and access to medical and mental health services
  • Inclusive primary care with LGBTQ2IA+ competent services
  • Healing that includes the mind, body and spirit
  • Creativity in individual, community and business development
  • Collaboration with our patients, partners and community
  • Advocacy for the wellbeing of our patients
  • Empowerment of authentic expression


In 2015 Mosaic co-founders Mixhi Marquis, LMT and Dr. Catherine Bast had a vision for a family practice that would specifically be welcoming to LGBTQ2IA+ patients. Both having backgrounds in holistic medicine and advocacy, Mixhi and Dr. Bast knew that a place like Mosaic was crucial for the health and wellbeing of the transgender and gender-nonconforming community in Michiana. The community recognized the value of Mixhi and Dr. Bast’s vision, and rallied together; within 6 months of the initial vision, Mosaic Health and Healing Arts opened its doors.

Since opening in 2016, Mosaic has solidified itself as a bastion of whole-person and LGBTQ2IA+ family practice healthcare in Michiana. Starting with 80 patients, Mosaic’s patient panel has grown to nearly 3000 patients (including over 800 transgender and non-binary patients).

In addition to full-spectrum family medicine, Mosaic has developed into a center for gender-affirming care, HIV care and prevention, and mental health care. Mosaic has also recognized the need for LGBTQ2IA+ competency training in medicine, social work, community organizations, and offers trainings to make the community a more welcoming place.

CLICK HERE for a complete history of Mosaic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mosaic located?
Mosaic is located on the back side of Oaklawn, at 330 Lakeview Drive, Goshen, IN 46526.

Once you enter Oaklawn’s long driveway, continue through the main parking lot and follow the signage to the paved road on the backside of Oaklawn. There is Mosaic-specific parking there, and the main entrance is next to the patio.

Click Here for a map of the parking lot.
What information do I need to provide when I leave a message?
Getting back to people who leave clear messages on our answer machine is our favorite thing and top priority! Here are some tips to ensure that we get your message and can follow up as appropriate:

  • Make sure your phone line has a good connection (we can’t get back to messages we can’t understand!)
  • Please speak clearly
  • Leave a detailed message including your name, date of birth, reason for calling, and a phone number where we can reach you (we want to make sure we have the most updated contact information for you!)
  • If you are calling to inquire about becoming a new patient, please leave an email address in your message so that we may send you a new patient inquiry form electronically.
What should I do if I would like to become a patient?
Use the link provided to fill out an online inquiry form. Once you have submitted this form, our providers will review it and you will be contacted via email with a response to your inquiry. This process may take up to 4 weeks, sometimes more. We have a high volume of new patient inquiries and we do our best to respond as quickly as we are able.

If you are not able to use the HIPAA compliant, online form, you may call our office and ask about becoming a patient. If you leave a message about becoming a new patient, please give us an email address (if you have one) for us to send a new patient inquiry form to and a phone number.

Click here to complete our New Patient Information Form Online.
How do I get my prescription filled?
Call your pharmacy to see if you have refills left on your script. If so, ask them for your refill. If not, ask the pharmacy to send a refill request to Mosaic. If you don’t have refills left on your script, or if your pharmacy will not forward a request to Mosaic, call us at 574-537-2680 and press 2 for the refill line. You can also request a refill via the patient portal.

Once we’ve received your refill request, please allow 2 business days for the script to be sent to your pharmacy. If you’re wondering if your prescription is ready, call your pharmacy to see if the prescription is ready–– Mosaic doesn’t have that information at our office.
Do I have to be a medical patient at Mosaic in order to receive counseling?
No, you do not have to be a medical patient to receive counseling with our mental wellness provider.
Does Mosaic offer Court-mandated counseling?
No, Mosaic does not offer court-mandated counseling. We do provide individual counseling, consultation sessions with family or support system members for folks who are exploring their gender and counseling for individuals 14 and up.
What sort of accessibility is available at Mosaic?
There are two accessible parking spots on pavement, approximately 50 feet from Mosaic’s main entrance. There are no stairs to enter the building. The lobby floor is laminate flooring and the patient rooms are carpeted. There are single-use restrooms in each patient room. For more accessibility information please email [email protected].
Do any of the providers speak Spanish?
None of our providers speak Spanish, but we do have staff members who can assist in translation. We also use local and online interpretation services as needed during appointments.