At Mosaic, a big part of our mission is to share our knowledge about caring for the whole person, and we offer medical and mental health internships for students interested in integrative and inclusive care. If you or someone you know would like to intern with us, send an email to for more information.

Here’s what Gagandeep, our 2020 medical intern had to say about interning with Mosaic: 

As a medical student, what gives my work meaning is the story-telling journey that can exist within medicine. This pushed me towards training in family medicine, and I wanted to seek out an internship where story-telling was the vessel of care. I wanted to engage with the interface of social identity and the institution of medicine, and the ways they can be brought together in the journey of health and self.

From each patient encounter to each lunch period with staff, I was shown the importance of story. As a physician, we are invited into the ever-evolving narrative of our patients–to not only connect with them, but to travel with them on their health journey. And as we travel with them, they travel with us in our story of identity.

As I spend time these next months interviewing at various family medicine training programs around the Midwest, I wear this story-telling on my sleeve. I express the importance of story-telling and my need to connect with stories throughout my training. Often, I make reference to the work here at Mosaic as an example of what family medicine should be.

It is more than a “medical clinic” – it truly embodies the concept of a practice of health. As an osteopathic student, we learn to approach patient care via the ‘mind-body-spirit’ axis, that the practice of medicine is more than a sum of lab work. This is a perspective that Mosaic breathes and lives, a motif inherent within all those that choose to call this home. Primary care, community groups, educational outreach, health advocacy – this only scratches the surface of what this space holds.

A common question I’ve received on the interview trail is “what kind of practice do you see for yourself in 5 to 10 years?”  I always respond, “Let me tell you about this place in Goshen.

-Gagandeep Singh, He/They
Mosaic Medical Intern ‘20
Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine ‘21

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